Living a Miraculous Soul Journey: Day 11 How to Stop Negative Thoughts

Thank you Master Francisco for this post.
When I leave the house – I often use my bicycle – the negative thoughts start. I practice instant forgiveness then. There are so many negative thoughts specially while taking part in traffic. Often I have to ask forgiveness in general, for one negative thought follows the other so quickly, that I cannot follow with asking forgiveness. But I have prepared myself better now after experiencing this in about a year or more. I have trained my mind to turn a negative thought into something positive too. So it is slowly becoming better. I had never thought, that there is so much negativity going on inside of me.
It is also helpful to remember, that a negative thought hurts another soul.
With love and gratefulness, Gabriele

Wisdom for the Heart & Soul

„People deal too much with negative, with what is wrong. Why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?“ ~Thich Nhat Hanh


How to Stop Negative Thoughts

Over the past two years I have had to learn how to be consciously aware of what I am thinking. Every moment to reflect if I had a positive thought or a negative thought. I have learned that our thoughts can create good karma to heal, and bless another soul´s life, and that our thoughts can also create bad karma to hurt or harm another soul.


How can you tell if you are creating karma with your mind?

If what you think is helping others to become happier and healthier you are creating good karma.


If what you think is hurt or harming another soul you are creating negative karma.

In our soul…

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